After about 10 years of wanting to do the 48 Hour Film Project, I finally did it.  I even got my film in on time!  My team consisted of people I had never met before and crazy enough, we all meshed well and worked great together.  There were a few hiccups during editing and we didn’t end up with enough time to color correct, but I am still proud of this film.

I drew comedy, but you’d never know from the trailer.  I actually love how misleading it is.

We had NO issues during filming.  The worst thing that happened was someone knocked over a bottle of Dr Pepper.  I struggled with coming up with a story for awhile, but once I got going, I was finished in about 20 minutes.

During the final render.  Premiere hung here forever.

We made it half an hour before the deadline.

Here, I’m thinking, “Please give me horror.”

The actors cooling off.

Storm edited while we shot and Emily refused to give up Frank.

The required prop.

We ordered three vegan pizzas.  Only two of us were vegan.  This was all that was left at the end of the shoot.

Render cat.

It was sunny and a brief shower complete with thunder from nowhere.

Wardrobe malfunction!

This is probably my favorite scene.

Screening this Thursday!