Welcome to my new website and blog. I am still working on a few things– mainly design aspects and the portfolio, but here it is. Some great things are happening and will continue to happen and this is the place to find out all the updates. The best part about coming directly to this site is that no social media place has control over whether or not you get my posts in your feed. Following me on social media is still a great thing and I will continue using them hourly, but all the important stuff will be put here, including promotion for friends and the less important stuff like elaborated film and book reviews.

Things happening now:

I was on a podcast called Sessions of She, that will be releasing in two segments. The first segment is this Friday (March 13th) and the second is releasing next Friday (March 20th). It is a podcast about women in the entertainment industry and we talked a bit about being female in horror, racism, and scary things. Watch for it on the Critical Sun Radio’s Soundcloud page!

I did some freelance work for Ark Lodge Cinemas recently, so the ads that you see before the trailers were animated by me. They aren’t anything special, but the project gave me some ideas for other things I could do for them.

My latest article for Living Dead Magazine was published in January/February. You can get that at Living Dead Magazine’s website.

Other announcements coming soon, so check back!

Thanks for coming!