I’ve been spending a lot of time on Twitter lately and I’ve been catching a lot of great horror accounts.  When I am going to follow someone, there are a few key things I look for:

1.) Does not solely post links or promote.
2.) Seems to have a human behind the account (someone with a personality!)
3.) Just… not annoying in any way shape or form.

The Horror Honeys

The Horror Honeys are a group of hardcore females that run a blog and podcast all about horror.  The Twitter account is lead by the “Head Honey” and she can tweet up a storm occasionally, but it is all entertainment.  Her tweets have personality, are informative, and she talks back.

The Soska Twins

The “Twisted Twins” are the directors of the film, American Mary.  While it may be debated whether or not their films are actually horror, it cannot be denied that they certainly try to prove their nickname true.  They tweet some behind the scenes stuff from their filmmaking adventures, which means that if you are looking at your Twitter feed at work, you might want to just not do that if you’re following them.  Today, I was scrolling through and saw a picture of a penis and balls wrapped up in something.  You have been warned.

Steve Barton

Co-founder of DreadCentral.  He Tweets thoughts!  Yes, an actual person on Twitter!  He seems like a guy you can get into a good conversation with that isn’t, “Jason Vorhees! Mneeeeer.”  In other words, he seems like an intelligent being that happens to be a huge horror fan… and throws insults at people that you can’t see.

Andy Deane

Lead singer of the goth rock band, Bella Morte and horror author.  He’s also a huge horror fanatic.  He tweets spooky photos and he’s great to talk to… and a great guy in general.  He’s doing the music for my 48 Hour Film Project this year and if all goes according to plan, every film I make thereafter!

Clive Barker

This would not be a very good list if it didn’t have some well known horror entity.  The truth is, most of the well-known people just end up retweeting things that show their old work or themselves with a fan.  Clive Barker’s Twitter Feed actually contains stuff… but if you go right now, you will mostly see exactly what I just mentioned because he just had a contest involving such things.  Does Clive Barker himself actually run the account?  I don’t think so.

Tom Savini

Because it’s Tom Savini.  That’s why.