The past few weeks have been incredibly busy for me. I started the month by working as a production assistant on Jeff Ferrell’s film, Ladykiller, and then as soon as that was over, I was given the news that I was approved for an apartment of which I was able to move into later that week. So I have spent the past week setting up my apartment and spending too much money on things I didn’t have since most of my things are still in Ohio.

Working on Ladykiller was a good time. I got to work with Voltaire, a man I have admired for many years and have been lucky to get to know over the years on some level just by being on social media and going to every show I could. There was a long period of time where I was not sure if he actually knew who I was and I would feel awkward every time I spoke to him because I have suffered from anxiety my whole life and live inside my head, but I think all questions have been put to rest after this.


Photo by Regan MacStravic

Anyway, a lot of people seem to question my decision to work as a PA on someone else’s film since I like to direct and my answer is this: education. While I am not planning on working my way up through the ranks on a film set (not that it’s anything I oppose), I know that there are a lot of things on a film set that I am unfamiliar with… and I know that all directors have different methods of working. My main goal from this was to see another director work first hand. My secondary goals were to get to know other people and to learn the habits of others on the set. I am happy to say that all of my goals were met, however I think I could have performed better as a PA to help things move even more efficiently (or at least to keep everyone in good spirits).

The crew was excellent to work with and I felt welcome. The last feature I PA’d on was Revelation Trail (which I just received the DVD of last week, so I’ll finally be able to see it and watch my name in the credits), but I was only there for one day and so I never got the feeling that I belonged. The Ladykiller cast and crew seriously felt like good friends and family after just a few days. I’m not sure I will ever feel that welcome on a film set that’s not my own ever again.

Before Ladykiller, I was struggling with writing my latest screenplay. Luckily, working on Jeff’s film inspired me to work on mine more and after moving into my apartment (after five years of not having a place of my own), I have been able to relax and give myself the leeway of taking my time to make the film that needs to be made as opposed to rushing it. Of course, writing it is not allowed to take an eternity. This is not freedom to be lazy. I need to make this film and I need to make sure that it doesn’t have the holes that I keep finding in most of my work.


I will be attending The Bone Bat Comedy of Horrors Film Festival this Saturday and I will also be seeing Jasper in Deadland next Friday (looks like there is still one seat available next to me;)). Both of which will get written recaps here in addition to video recaps on my Youtube channel.