I hear a lot of, “Oh, I haven’t read that yet. I don’t have time to read” and a slew of other equally as lame responses to why someone hasn’t read a book since high school. If you firmly believe that time is your problem, here are a bunch of stupid things people do when they could be reading instead.

1. Stop mindlessly scrolling through Facebook.

We have all been on social media long enough now that we know no one is really posting anything of interest, and especially not every five minutes. Most comments are made in order to aggravate, antagonize, or anger you. They are disguised as “discussion” or “debate,” but they are just verbal beatings from a person who desperately wants to be right. Just pare down your feed (the unfollow button is a godly thing) to only have those people who post quality content show up. Your need to check Facebook every five minutes will stop when you see that it’s not updating much anymore.

2. Stop engaging in verbal beatings.

There is no need to be a masochist. If you want to post something that is controversial to others, that’s fine, but you do not need to engage with the angry comments. It will lead in circles, hurt feelings, and unfriending. Reading a book doesn’t result in that kind of trauma.

3. Stop reading blogs and online news. Yes, even this one.

Here’s the thing. Most blogs and online news sites are full of crap. The news sites create sensationalist headlines so you’ll share them on Facebook and will result in problems 1 and 2, which gives them more views because people want to see what the big deal is. More views equal more money from ad revenue. More revenue creates money-hungry powerhouses pushing out more sensationalist crap and more poor journalism. Most people do not even read past a few paragraphs when they click on news sites and blogs. If you find that you continuously stop reading before you get to the end, stop clicking on them. Read a book instead. A big problem with online reading is the distraction of being able to just switch. Reading a book will help you get your stamina back.

And of course, with modern technology, you can multitask. You don’t have to go to the bathroom without a book. You don’t have to cook or eat without a book. You don’t have to commute without a book. Audiobooks, e-readers, and apps exist for reading convenience. Just swap out a show you don’t actually care to watch with reading a book instead. There are 24 hours in a day and at least one of them can be spent reading if you take out the things you don’t like and don’t need to do.