Hello! It has been awhile since anything was put up on the blog. I am thinking a redesign of both of my websites to make them more appealing, which might mean getting rid of WordPress altogether. I haven’t decided yet. In any case, I am posting written work to Patreon now. For as little as a dollar a month, you can read previously unpublished work of all kinds of genres and topics from me. Patreon is a website that allows you to offer patronage to artists and other creators, showing that you support their work. Our current world is a very strange one as people don’t realize how much work is put into making the content you see online for free and when people aren’t paying for it, it makes life harder for creators. So chipping in a dollar or so a month helps keep content creators creating.

I’m not very good in an office or with much structure, so chipping in a dollar to me helps me survive. With my Patreon, though, Patrons receive two Patron-only writing pieces a month, in addition to seeing what else I post for free everywhere. You are supporting me as a writer and as an artist, but you get written work that no one else has seen in exchange.

You can find my Patreon by clicking this link.

In addition, I am also writing game reviews for Horrorfuel.com. I do about two a month right now.

My other major project that I am working on is the 52 Films/1 Year Project, which I started in January and will continue until the end of the year. The entire playlist with explanation video is embedded below. If any of this interests you, I urge you to subscribe to my Youtube channels as I post weekly content to both channels.

In addition, Declawed, a film that is part of The Averted Anthology that I funded through Indiegogo will finally be released through Youtube on Valentine’s Day.

Many more things are planned for the future, but aside from my 52 films, vlogs, Patreon, and Declawed, I may be relatively silent until April. I have 30 deadlines I want to meet for competitions, film festivals, and fellowships within the next two months in addition to being on a film set full time for the majority of March.

I wish nothing but good things for you all and will talk to you soon!