With great disappointment and a heavy heart, I abruptly quit my job as a working student.  Things hadn’t been working out for a few weeks and I was intending to put in my two weeks and be professional, but events occurred that made me unable to continue working and living there.  I am incredibly disappointed because I was ready to tackle my equestrian career, but after a lot of analyzation and introspection, I’ve realized that equestrianism is probably not the career path for me.  I still love riding and horses in general, but I am refocusing my energy back on film.

I am grateful that the job got me to the west coast.  I am in a place where I have alway wanted to be and the film opportunities are much greater out here than in Cincinnati.  The film community in Seattle seems to be pretty active and I look forward to becoming a part of it.

This blog will become less about horses and more about my film career and film in general.  There may be the occasional post about gaming.

Time to pour my blood, sweat, and tears into my art and not my attempt at being an athlete.