As the title says, tomorrow launches the Hugo House 30/30 Challenge, which is a fundraiser for the organization in which writers challenge themselves to write for at least 30 minutes a day for 30 days. From September 30th to October 30th, I will be writing my YA novel (working title is Bullet Tears, but it’s subject to change) and app project. I will provide updates on my website, on my fundraising page, and on my Patreon page

Right now, the novel is at 3,934 words and my goal is to get out at least 1k words a day. So by the end of the fundraiser, I will have hopefully achieved 34k words, which would be close to making it a full novel. This is my first draft and what is most important in this stage is getting words down, no matter how terrible.

My other goal is to raise $200 for Hugo House. Hugo House has been a huge inspiration to me over the past year that I have been volunteering there. I have attended many literary events and met some incredible people because of it. Hugo House is supportive of the literary community by giving a space for writers of all ages to read their work and make their work better through events and classes.

If you would like to donate, please go through my FirstGiving page.