It took me three days, but I finally reached my goal of 5k words! I have a grand total of 5,145 words out of a proposed 60k.
On Saturday, October 1st, I had a photo shoot with the Crypticon Ghoul Girls, so I didn’t get my writing done early in the day– it had to wait until evening. However, I had a migraine when I got home and so I didn’t get down as many words as I had hoped. I still got words down, though, and that’s what matters most!

Not only that, but my donations are now at $6 out of my goal of $200!

Today, I passed the 5k mark and the day isn’t over! I can still write more, though I am also writing an article for a website and this blog.

My goal for tomorrow is going to be 6500. It’s more than I’ve written the past few days, but I’m going to shoot for about 1500 words.

If you would like to donate to Hugo House, an incredible non-profit for writers based in Seattle, please visit my fundraising page. Donating is also like a personal cheer for me to continue my novel. It holds me accountable for actually getting it done because I don’t want to disappoint!