Wow! Has it really already been eight days? I have successfully written for at least 30 minutes everyday since September 30th. My novel is now at 7,104 words– which is still not nearly as far along as I would like it to be at this point, but I do have the bones of the entire story written up now. I also have a new title for it. I’m calling it Bleed instead of Bullet Tears. So I’ve written all the major plot points and now I’m just filling it in. I’ve never written anything novel-length before and so I think this process is what I need to do instead of just powering through it like I would a short story. I can probably lengthen many of the scenes I have already written as well.

If you would like to show your support in cheering me on for my first novel, feel free to donate to Hugo House through my FirstGiving Page. Donating to Hugo House supports other writers, including myself, as it serves as a space where we can improve our writing and storytelling skills. My goal for the month is $200 and I’m nowhere near that yet! Hugo House is very special to me and I appreciate your support.