October is generally my busiest month of the year between all of the horror-related things I do and this year is no exception. So I have only been able to commit to the half an hour time frame and I have only been using it to get words on the page, not organize the words I have written or anything else. Currently, the novel stands at 8,674 words and I have not written today yet. My goal will be to get over 9,000 today. Thanks to the upcoming storm in Washington on Saturday, my entire day has been cleared and I will be able to use it to get all the necessary organization done on my novel that has been putting me in a block on some days. I am looking forward to sitting down and working on it for an entire day. I would love to get Bleed finished before November so I can participate in NaNoWriMo, but at this point, it is not looking likely.

I have written many of the major plot points and because of the nature of the story, it has put me into an unhealthy head space. However, I am entirely capable of seeing through it and realizing that living in my character’s head for too long is causing me to feel depressed. This might also be an indication that I need to add something to the story that lightens it up after a certain scene for just a moment at least.

Thanks for supporting my adventure in writing my first novel. I am writing this as a part of the Hugo House 30/30 Challenge in which I write for at least 30 minutes a day (but most of my life is spent writing, so if you don’t count the novel, I write for probably five hours on some days). If you would like to donate to Hugo House, please do so on my FirstGiving page. I have only raised $6 of my $200 goal so far! These funds help Hugo House provide resources to writers like myself, in the Seattle area. They offer readings, fellowships, classes, and much more. It’s truly one of my favorite places in Seattle and as a non-profit organization, it relies almost entirely on donations.