kinorules01With a love for theatrics and a passion for writing, Kino McFarland began building a career of storytelling through word and film at a young age. She was a valued member of her high school’s drama club’s stage crew and later went on to perform at The Ohio Renaissance Festival as a street character.

The sideshow bug bit Kino at the Renaissance Festival and she began performing with the Pickled Brothers Circus and FreakShow Deluxe as Hannah Bel. Her skills as a glass walker, escape artist, and more have allowed her to perform with bands such as the Insane Clown Posse and GWAR. While traveling with sideshows, Kino refined her writing skills with Full Sail University.

Kino writes primarily dark subjects with a hint of comedy, which can be attributed to her experience with vaudevillian performers and showmen. Vampires, witches, and ghosts are some of her most beloved subjects, as are the many people and personalities that she has encountered while traveling the country. She firmly believes that only an oblivious person can write a boring character. The best characters are all around us.

Her film credits range from being a Production Assistant and Behind the Scenes Photographer to directing and writing her own films, such as Hangry, The Beasts of the Earth (winner of Best Sound Design at the Seattle 48 Hour Film Horror Project), and Declawed (2nd place winner at Cine-City). She is currently working on The Averted Anthology, a series of short horror films that portray animal rights issues from a human perspective. She has dedicated her life to horror and can often be found with the Ghouls from the Crypt in Seattle, Washington. When not working on films or writing, she can be found at the Save a Forgotten Equine horse rescue.